Child & Baby Planning Astrology

Child, a gift from god that every women want in her life. We all love children and loved to be surrounded by children. After marriage, many couples try to conceive for baby to raise the family and enjoy a settled life with kids. However, few of the parents fail to conceive due to some issues, complications, and fell nothing is working out. Even after medical treatment and lots of consultations, nothing brings fruitful result. In this case, do not feel disappointed. There are still chances to get pregnant in right with the help of child astrology or child birth astrology.

You May Consult With  Our Astrologer N.K Sharma And Find Out About Your Child & Pregnancy Related Questions

The complex and unexplained offspring can be solved with the help of Our Child And Baby  Astrology.
We make a detailed study of the horoscope of and discover the barriers that prevents women from conceiving or it is difficult to maintain pregnancy.Other chances of the offspring can also be studied from the birth charts of the women.

Several Pregnancy Issues for every couple

Is my parenthood possible?
When are the chances of pregnancy according to my kundali charts?
When is favorable time to conceive?
How many kids will I have?
What is the right time for planning next child?
Will there be any complication happen during pregnancy?
Will my baby be healthy after delivery?
Will both mother and child be safe after delivery?

Prediction About Pregnancy

Our astrologer N.K Sharma  predicts the pregnancy time, date, and year by using the pregnancy calculator. Calculation method is strict Vedic astrology that reads the planetary motions of both people. Our astrologer will give you the exact remedy that you need for your progeny problems. Our astrology for pregnancy will suggest you when to get pregnant and how to plan a child before pregnancy. This will help you to get the happy, healthy, and happening baby with prosperous future.


What you need to do?

Explain your problem to our astrologer in detail whether you are concerned about beginning of the child, obstacles in baby born time, delay in pregnancy or child birth, multiple miscarriage, concern with favorable time of conceiving baby, failed pregnancy, etc. Our pregnancy astrologer can tell you when you will conceive and what will be the favorable time for new baby, the things which are lift untold in medical history. Pregnancy astrology prediction can only be done by the date of birth of parents.

General Q & A By Pandit N.K. Sharma

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