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The naming ceremony astrology

The Naming Ceremony Astrology

The naming ceremony Astrology holds vast significance in Hindu Religion and many people are familiar with the importance of the naming ceremony.


In today’s era, many people name their new born baby on any day, but this is not right according to Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology, the naming ceremony is considered one of the crucial rituals and 95% of people are following this ritual in our country.


Even people from other countries follow this ritual and name their babies after the consultation with a great and experienced astrologer.


Only a great and top astrologer could depict which name or which alphabets would be favorable for the life of a person.


The Alphabets play a huge role in the success of life aspects that is why you see many film stars, politicians change their name before entering the industry and suddenly they see huge success just after changing the name.


A person’s name should be meaningful because it holds behavioral and religious value in every individual’s life. 


If you consult an astrologer, first he makes horoscope according to birth details, analyze the positions of planets, and studies the numerology aspect and then predict a nam

The naming ceremony astrology
The Naming Ceremony Astrology
The Naming Ceremony Astrology

Importance of Naming Ceremony

It is essential to name your child based on his/her horoscope so that he/she can gain a lot of respect and success in this world.


It is a must to understand the importance of the naming ceremony. Let’s take a look.


When we talk about the name, the position of the moon in Nakshatra is responsible. So, it is important to name your child based on moon sign in a nakshatra, sun sign, horoscope aspects, and time of birth.


Nowadays, people are facing difficulties in finding the best astrologers for the naming ceremony of their children.


If you are one of them, then consult Pt. N K Sharma Ji, a world-famous and best astrologer in India who is well-known for performing the best naming ceremony. 


He predicts the name by using a sun sign, moon sign, and birth ascendant of the child. The naming ceremony should perform within 12 days of the birth of a child on a particular date and time according to the suspicious Muhurat of the ceremony. 




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