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Shubh Muhurat Astrology Predictions- Pt. N K Sharma Ji

Shubh Muhurat Astrology Predictions

According to astrology, there is a right time for everything. The right timing for every event has already been predetermined by nature and destiny. Do you know about the Shubh Muhurat Astrology Predictions- Pt. N K Sharma Ji? Muhurat is known as the auspicious time slot which is a suitable time to perform any activity. According to Vedic astrology, there is a particular time for every task and occasion, you need to know about it. If you follow the muhrat time, then things will happen in a good way and you will get the best results. There is a need to find the great Indian Astrologer who can tell you about the auspicious time slot.

What is the need for calculating Shubh Muhrat?

Today, every single person wants to achieve success soon. If you want to get things done in the best way, then ask about the shubh muhrat of the task that you are going to perform. With the help of auspicious muhrat, you can reduce the bad effects of negative energy. So, consult the best Astrologer, Pt. N K Sharma Ji. 

Shubh Muhurat Astrology Predictions- Pt. N K Sharma Ji

Calculation of Muhurat

Shubh Muhurat is calculated by using Panchang. Panchang is a Vedic ancient calender that shows important dates and their significance. 

Panchaang is the popular and the ultimate tool for calculating Muhurat i.e Hindu Muhurat. According to the name, the meaning of Pachaang is five parts. It is categorized into five components explained as follows-

Vaar- Vaar refers to Din and the day of the week on the particular date and seven days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Tithi- Lunar date is known as the Tithi and it is based on the position of the Moon( in Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha). 

Nakshatra- Nakshatra is the most important part of Pachaang which means constellations. There are 27 constellations in our universe and these constellations are used to determine the Shubh Muhurat. 

Yoga- Yoga plays an important role in determining Shubh Muhurat. With the help of 27 yogas in the Pachaang, an astrologer can find the appropriate time for conducting any occasion. 

Karana- Karna means half of the tithi. Each tithi has two Karnas. 

After studying and analyzing the components of Pachaang, Pt. N K Sharma Ji can predict the good or bad time for a person. There are some other factors which play a vital role in calculating a Muhurat-

  • Time period
  • The position of planets
  • Dosha in the Kundli
  • Types of Occasion
  • Individual birth details

There are so many events for which people need to know Shubh Muhurat and the events are including  Naamkaran Muhurat, Annaprashan Muhurat, Karnavedha Muhurat, Vivah Muhurat, Griha Pravesh Muhurat, Mundan Muhurat, Vidyarambha Muhurat, etc. If you are planning to organize any of the above events, then meet the top astrologer Pt. N K Sharma Ji.

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