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Stock Market Predictions

Stock Market Predictions

  • Every individual is familiar with stock market shares and work. Do you want to get stock market predictions? Consult with a great astrologer. 

To invest in shares, some people use fundamental analysis of the companies and some use technical analysis to understand all aspects of stock prices and shares.

But astrological analysis is one of the best methods through which you can get useful insights about the future performance of a stock along with technical and fundamental analysis. 

Are you planning to invest in the stock market and you are scared? Generally, people are scared of investing in stock markets. So, asking for stock market predictions from the best astrologer is the best method. 

By consulting Pt. N K Sharma Ji, you can achieve success and grow with your business fast and can get the accurate stock market predictions.

 his is a dangerous betting business, destinies of individuals change in a moment in the securities exchange like the tide in the ocean. One can turn into a millionaire or one can likewise turn into zero. 


Role of Astrology in the Stock Market

Astrology plays a crucial role in the stock market. Your malefic planets are responsible for each aspect of your life and can help a lot to gamble this game. Being the top astrologer in the world, Pt. N K Sharma Ji provides accurate stock market predictions. 

Here is the list of parameters in astrology in the stock market-

  • 2nd lord and its Lord – House of wealth
  • 5th House and its Lord – Gains through share market, stock trading, and lotteries
  • 8th House and its Lord – Sudden gain
  • 9th House and its Lord – House of fortune
  • 10th House Lord – Your profession
  • 11th House Lord – House of wealth and profit
  • 6th and 12th – House of losses


By using divine power, fundamental astrology principals, astrology experience, and vast knowledge Pt. N K Sharma Ji can prepare a fundamental report on the following-

  • The general level of luck inequities and share markets.
  • Auspicious timings for trading during a month. 
  • Enterprises, which would give good luck. 
  • Astrological remedies or any type of support.
  • Right guidance
Stock Market Predictions
Stock Market Predictions

Roles of Planets in the Stock Market

  • Moon- Moon controls the mind.
  • Rahu- Rahu is responsible for sudden events in life.
  • Mercury- This controls the emotional psyche.


If you are seeking help to get the best and accurate stock market predictions, then meet Pt. N K Sharma Ji, the famous astrologer in the world.



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